You bring up some excellent points. I've seen other artists, especially beginners, fall into the trap of doing their art for free. I'm no exception.

This has given me a lot to think about.

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Thanks for this, man. Great approach

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This is such a "see behind the curtain" post and i love it - and this "The balancing variable of this equation is that it places the responsibility of me to create dope-ass posts that interest people enough that they desire to pay for my older content."

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I delayed a long time to set it up on my podcast. As always, I worried what people would think of me. Will free subscriptions slow down? Do I now look like a money-grabbing bastard? None of those things have happened.

It’s still making me feel a little guilty sometimes though. I don’t know why.

Thanks for the reminder.

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Ah, money, the root of all evil, something we all lack but need .... sigh ....


I accept by rejecting it! LOL and NO LOL at the same time, because I am that philosopher with the hammer, that poet with a fragile existence in the tropical/volcanic wilderness ....

Spirit, its energy is everything, like the Bible that is linked to everything we know or not. Our future has been written by our past!


How about hitting it off hot and hard?

"Order, order in the kangaroo court! How do you plead, dear biatches in frozen heat? Guilty? Not guilty, We got hairy legs and everything! I knew you would say that! Guilty! No court is adjourned!!

I gave it all, maybe not the best performance, but at least I tried ....





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