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An Experimental Video for STSC Symposium: Preconception

Just in time for Easter I bring you this work about spring, new life, and fertility. It’s an ambient, experimental video, so I recommend you watch it with lights off, full screen, and audio turned up.

However be mindful of your environment during playback, as the audio is not safe for work and might create awkward looks in households or in public.

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This video was produced for the Soaring Twenties Social Club (STSC) Symposium. The STSC is a small, exclusive online speakeasy where a dauntless band of raconteurs, writers, artists, philosophers, flaneurs, musicians, idlers, and bohemians share ideas and companionship. Each month STSC members create something around a set theme. This cycle, the theme was “Preconception.” 

If you are a filmmaker, you might consider joining us.

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