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Ego Death

A Light & Sound Bath for the STSC Symposium: Death

This video was produced for the Soaring Twenties Social Club (STSC) Symposium. The STSC is a small, exclusive online speakeasy where a dauntless band of raconteurs, writers, artists, philosophers, flaneurs, musicians, idlers, and bohemians share ideas and companionship. Each month STSC members create something around a set theme. This cycle, the theme was “Death.” 

If you are a filmmaker, you might consider joining us.

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For this video, I recommend putting it on as big a screen as you can and watching it in the dark. Take a breath, sit back in a comfortable position, and bathe in the light and sound.

Voice over below:

You were early to class, so you stopped by the library to read.

You sat on the couch, leaned back, and closed your eyes.

You opened them several moments later and realized that for a brief period, you had experienced death.

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Experimental Films
Ambient narratives, glitchy antinarratives, experiential non-narratives, and cinepoems for you to watch full screen and in dark rooms.
Dane Benko