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A Numbers Game

An Ambient Narrative Short Film for the STSC Symposium: Superstition

This video was produced for the Soaring Twenties Social Club (STSC) Symposium. The STSC is a small, exclusive online speakeasy where a dauntless band of raconteurs, writers, artists, philosophers, flaneurs, musicians, idlers, and bohemians share ideas and companionship. Each month STSC members create something around a set theme. This cycle, the theme was “Superstition.” 

If you are a filmmaker, you might consider joining us.

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Voice over below:

If one day one takes their last step, then he believed he had a determinate number of steps before he died.

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Experimental Films
Ambient narratives, glitchy antinarratives, experiential non-narratives, and cinepoems for you to watch full screen and in dark rooms.
Dane Benko